More fast-forward progress…

Winter has slowed down construction a bit, but there has still been lots of progress on Casa Chica that I haven’t been keeping up with in the blog. So!

The house is now physically attached to the trailer. A good thing! I wanted it to be “easily” removable from the trailer in case I want (need) to get a heavier-duty trailer, or to put in on a foundation someday. So I had a local metal-working shop make custom brackets that fit snugly around the trailer frame and screw into the house from underneath. I think we ended up installing about 14 of the brackets around the house.

Sort of related to that, we decided to lower the 6 RV jacks that the house is supported by and see what would happen (we also want to move the trailer out of the shed to finish the roof and get it out into the sunshine for a more pleasant working environment, so removing the jacks wasn’t just an experimental lark). Mike smartly made sure the tires were fully inflated and then we went front to back to front to back, lowering the jacks one turn at a time, and… Nothing happened! Hooray! The trailer springs settled a little of course but they still have plenty of oomph for more weight, and the whole thing hardly even got out of level. Whew. Wasn’t sure what I expected, but I had nightmarish visions…

The roof is installed, except for the ridge vent that will be easier to install once the house is out of the shed. Nothing terribly special here – typical plywood sheathing, tar paper, simple galvanized metal roof panels. Holes had to be cut through the roof for the wood stove chimney and plumbing vent, but other than that I think it was a pretty simple job.

The wood stove is in, mostly, so Mike could line up the hole in the roof and the hole in the floor for the fresh air intake. We’ll need to take it out to put in a metal floor pad that I haven’t had made yet, but technically I could have a fire in it now if I wanted to! (I haven’t.) We’ve been heating it to keep it comfortable for working in with an electric space heater that will serve as my backup heat once the construction is done.

Wiring is all done, and all the interior walls are in except where shower plumbing still needs to be installed once the fixtures arrive. More on fixtures later!

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